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Creating product value through technical leadership and solid software delivery.


Always write production ready code. Regardless of iterative cycle or sprint, it is essential to our strategy to only push code that will add end value to the product. There is no room for hacks, workarounds, or we’ll fix it laters. Agile methodologies are our life blood. We strive to give more than we get with every client and every project.

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Our Leadership

Todd Azbill


Ryan Ward


Jon Lehman

Creative Director

Shane Mackey

Director of Sales

Chuck Andrews

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Our Standards


Stewardship of Idea42 rests on every team member.  In every interaction we have with others, Idea42 is imprinted or updated in their mind with that interaction.  It’s up to every team member to ensure the image and reputation of Idea42.


Integrity is the key to building trust among the team, clients, and users. Nothing else can ruin what we’re building like a team member with a lack of integrity. Do what you say you will do, own your mistakes, and respect those around you.


Drive and perseverance will be what takes Idea42 to the next level and they will ensure that we hit every goal. Push yourself, push your co-workers, just not down any stairs.  We have the capacity to create great software; we just need the initiative to put one foot in front of the other, even when no one else will.


Fellowship is for the team.  We’re a family.  When the time comes to work we should all be rolling up our sleeves.  When the time comes to party we should all be lifting our glasses.  When the time comes to hide a body we should all be holding shovels.  No one succeeds if anyone fails.

So, what's next?

We’re ready to get the ball rolling, use the form below to tell us about your idea or project. We can’t wait to get started!

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